Countdown #Verano2018

“It’s not an ordinary summer camp, Camp La Llanada for some reason that I cannot explain,
it’s a magical place.”

Camper, Third Temporada 2015

“The best camp without a doubt. My children count the days to come back. Super recommended. As a mother, I am super relaxed and confident because I know they are in excellent hands every time they attend. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!”

Mom, Third Temporada 2016

“Being part of the Camp La Llanada’s staff is helping others grow while you feel like a child. Having the opportunity to reward others for being themselves is a feeling that fills your chest with pride.”

Cape, Programming Director

“An excellent experience for children, especially if they are living in the USA. It is a way to reconnect with your roots, which is very much needed. There are things that cannot be bought and this is one. A privilege to be part of the great Llanada family.”

Dad, Third Temporada 2016

“This camp is spectacular. Campers’ growth is both physical and spiritual! Children have a few days to enjoy nature and teambuilding games led by an excellent staff! The philosophy of friendship and camaraderie among all ages is wonderful.”

Mom, Second Temporada 2016

“There is nothing better than La Llanada. It is a place of magic, friends, games, delicious food, happiness and an unforgettable staff.”

Pupilo, Counselor

“”I loved it and my children loved it! Hahaha … The best way to have fun, grow and mature (children and parents too hahaha) YOU ARE THE BEST! Atte. Mom of very happy campers! #Thanks #OnTheCountdownForTheNextYear❤”

Mom, Third Temporada 2016

“La Llanada is a magical place where campers and counselors manage to escape from their daily routines. It also has a magical effect that teaches you to coexist with others and make friendswho will stay in your heart forever.”

Clari, Baquiana Counselor

“The camp was an incredible experience for my children. We were delighted that they returned so attached to our culture, music, food. 100% recommended, it is the best!”

Mom, Second Temporada 2016

“There is no experience that compares to Camp La Llanada. The camp becomes your second home and the people in it your second family!”

Camper, Second Season 2015

“I was looking for an experience that would get my daughter to disconnect from technology and allow her to coexist with new friends through physical activity, healthy competition, arts and discipline, and I found Camp La Llanada!”

Mom, Third Temporada 2016

“Camp La Llanada is a place where you get away from the life you live every day and for 21 days you live in a very different way with more than 150 friends. This place has been my second home for the last 4 years of my life and will always be in my heart.”

Camper, Second Temporada 2015

“It was a unique experience. I loved the way they transmit values and help kids how to grow through games and in a safe environment! My children came back wanting to return every year! They enjoyed every moment … Camp La Llanada is the best!!!”

Mom, Third Temporada 2016