What to bring?


For 2-week sessions:

We recommend that you and the camper pack together, so that they know what they are bringing to camp. It is absolutely necessary to identify EACH AND EVERY ITEM they are bringing with the camper’s full name.

Clothing should be sturdy as it tends to get dirty and, in some cases, impossible to use again after games with mud and/or paint.
Furthermore, we ask for a semi-formal outfit (including shoes), which will be used for the session’s party.

Take into account that campers will get laundry service once during the two-week session as part of their registration.


• 1 set of sheets size twin
• 1 pillow
• 1 blanket
• 1 sleeping bag (recommended) (mandatory for campers participating in the CIT program)
• 2 towels
• 1 cap or hat (important)
• 1 backpack
• 1 flashlight (including batteries)
• 1 water bottle
• 1 sun block
• 1 mosquito repellent
• 1 rain coat or poncho
• 3 white t-shirts for tie-dye activity


• 2 pajamas
• 12 t-shirts (we suggest at least one for each of the following colors: black, green, yellow, blue and red)
• 12 pieces of underwear
• 12 pairs of socks
• 12 shorts
• 2 long pants (we recommend lightweight pants, not blue jeans)
• 3 bathing suits (It is mandatory to bring one-piece swimsuits)
• 2 swimming shirts for solar protection (optional)
• 2 sweaters
• 1 semi-formal outfit, including shoes (for session’s party)


• 2 pairs of sneakers
• 1 pair of hiking shoes or extra pair of sneakers (optional)
• 1 pair of shoes for the semi-formal outfit
• 1 pair of water sandals or Crocs
• 1 pair of rain boots (optional)


• Tooth brush
• Tooth paste
• Hair comb
• Soap
• Deodorant
• Cologne (optional)
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Anti-lice shampoo (We ask parents to apply anti-lice treatment to campers before the beginning of the session. Also, we ask for one anti-lice shampoo in order to be applied during the camp session, supervised by the Directors and for prevention purposes).


• Books or reading material (optional)
• Costumes (optional)
• Board or card games (optional)


• Cell phones or other electronics
• Cell phones or other electronics
• Knives or sharp objects
• Water guns
• Water balloons
• Foamy or shaving cream
• Fireworks
• Cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs
• Electronic cigarettes (Vapes, Juuls, etc)