Our purpose is to create experiences that stay #ForEver with our campers. For that, we create opportunities that allow them to grow in a safe and super fun environment, where positive human interactions and the design of our program enhance the best characteristics of their personality, distinguishing themselves as Llanada Campers. Each of our experiences has been intentionally designed to accompany their development in each stage, to this we have called the Camper’s Journey™.

In each stage of the Camper’s Journey™, our campers will be able to live a custom-designed experience according to their special characteristics, ages and different personalities, reaching their most important #milestones.

Camp La Llanada is a feeling, a way of being and that is why we would like to invite you to be part of our #LlanadaFamily in any of our 2022 Experiences.


Our Day Camp in Southwest Ranches is located just 5 minutes from Weston, in a spectacular campground surrounded by nature, a lake and a lot of good vibes. In this Day Camp we will do classic outdoor camping activities and we will focus especially on water activities such as kayaks, fishing and snorkeling. It is a unique opportunity where campers begin to live a little piece of the camping experience and we are sure that they will come home singing each song and telling you about each adventure.

Our address in Southwest Ranches is 3551 SW 142nd Ave, Davie, FL 33330. Our Day Camp hours are 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.


Registration for our 2022 Day Camp Llanada weeks at Southwest Ranches is now open.

You can enjoy our Early Bird special and/or Full Price depending on the date of your registration. Historically, our waiting lists for our #DayCampLlanada at Southwest Ranches begin around March. If living the Camp La Llanada experience is part of your plans this summer, please complete your registration as soon as possible… Believe us, we would like for everyone to enjoy our experiences, but unfortunately there are limited spots and they are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.



How is the #DayCampLlanada program?

In our Day Camp the main focus is that our campers give their #FirstStepsAsCampers. It is a very special experience on the Camper’s Journey™ as they discover their own strengths through activities and camp games designed specially for them. At Day Camp everything is VERY fun: laughter, songs, foamy battles or colored powders, everything is an adventure for them and this way they learn to get out of their comfort zone and adapt to new experiences.


What activities do campers do at Day Camp?

In our #DayCampLlanada at Southwest Ranches the most popular activity and loved by all our campers is the lake. We love to spend time in the lake and do many water activities around it. The lake has different levels and in the main area the water level reaches us below the knees and we always have lifeguards and plenty of supervision from our #StaffLlanada… and we also offer all of these activities:

· Kayaks
· Snorkeling
· Fishing
· Corcls
· Hydroslide
· Crafts
· Kitchen room
· Experiment
· Cubes
· Music / Dance
· Bow and arrow
· Gagaball
· Sports
· Camp Games


How are groups formed at Day Camp?

Campers are divided by groups according to their age and this way they rotate through all of the activities. This is how we reinforce our main #LlanadaValues in Day Camp: fun, contact with nature and friendship.


How are campers supervised?

Each group is assigned to a member of the #StaffLlanada who supervises and accompanies them throughout the week and is trained in group management and Day Camp activities. Our youngest campers are assigned more than one counselor.

Each session is led by a Director and a senior counselor with experience in Day Camp, who ensure the physical and emotional safety of all. We also have lifeguards, photographers and other members of our staff of specialists, thus guaranteeing the presence of adults at all times.


What should I bring to Day Camp?

We recommend that campers come dressed to Day Camp with summer clothes, socks and sneakers. Remember to wear clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty or lost, the idea is to play without worrying. It’s a good idea to come in wearing a bathing suit [one-piece for girls] in order to make changing for water activities easier.

Everything must be identified with the camper’s first and last name and in addition, campers must bring a bag daily with:

· Water shirt
· Towel
· Poncho or raincoat
· Water sandals or Crocs
· Cap or hat
· 1 change of clothes
· Sunscreen [in addition to applying every day before leaving home]
· 1 large water bottle


Is the camp in Spanish?

Our program is 100% in Spanish, although all of our counselors speak English if needed. All the activities, games and songs are carried out in Spanish, which motivates the campers to practice it in a fun way and without pressure.


How is the Day Camp food?

All lunches and snacks are included. We offer a balanced, homemade menu adapted to the general tastes of our campers. We attend to particular allergies such as lactose, gluten or nuts.

Campers must eat breakfast before arriving at camp. We recommend a good and nutritious breakfast to have the necessary energy to carry out all the activities.


How is the summer heat handled?

We do many water activities and we put a lot of effort so that our campers stay hydrated and with sunscreen protection. During the rotation of activities we try to ensure that campers always spend some time cool, shaded spaces, where they also take their lunch and break.


What if there is heavy rain or storms?

We always have what we call a Plan B ready to carry out in case of heavy rain or storms. The safety of our campers is our priority and we try to maintain the energy of the group with fun activities in covered spaces where they are protected.


What is a typical Day Camp day like?

At Day Camp we are active every minute. Here we leave you an infographic so that you understand our days a little better:

If you have more questions or want to talk to us, here we are!
You can write to us at info@camplallanada.com or Whatsapp: https://wa.me/18634093547
Or call us: (305) 390-0476