Our Day Camp program offers children ages 4-10 the opportunity to live the summer camp experience without having to spend the night away from home. Our NEW Day Camp is located in Miami Horse Country, surrounded by nature and spectacular scenery.
Each day is a different adventure, living thousands of unforgettable moments, Camp La Llanada style.

100% in Spanish

The Day Camp program promotes the learning and practice of Spanish, in a safe and controlled environment, through fun activities and counselors committed to inculcate Hispanic roots and charisma in our campers. Every member of the #LlanadaStaff is required to be bilingual, in order to guarantee the campers͛ emotional security.

Group Division

Campers are grouped up into tribes, according to their age. With their tribe, they execute the majority of activities and larger camp games. By doing this, we reinforce our #LlanadaValues: friendship, teamwork and cooperation.

Camper Supervision

A designated staff member called Tribe Leader is in charge of the campers supervision. This staff member is trained in group and childrens dynamics, as well as other specific activities. Additionally, for our youngest tribes, the leader has an assistant staff member to ensure the proper functioning of the group.

Every session has the support of experienced counselors as well as one Director in charge of the campers physical and emotional safety. In addition, all of our sessions also include certified lifeguards, photographers, arts & crafts specialists and other supporting staff members, to guarantee the presence of adults at all times.

Acknowledging Effort

At our Day Camp, we acknowledge the strengths of each of our campers, and we value positive attitudes, as well as reinforce them through individual acknowledgements. We also value personal growth in the different areas of the camp experience, from interpersonal relations and comradery, to overcoming fears and trying new things. In many cases we value the attempt rather than the outcome.


In the Day Camp of Miami Horse Country we add the equestrian component, characteristic of the zone, to our daily schedule. Campers will have the opportunity to have a supervised approach to the art and practice of riding, thus developing self-confidence, balance and control. We have the support of the equestrian professionals of the Miami Equestrian Club, so that the experience is enriching and great learning.