Food and Nutrition


In Camp La Llanada we are characterize by the quality of the meals that we serve our campers. For us it is extremely important that they receive a nutritious menu throughout the session, so we work in direct contact with nutritionists to create a well-balanced and very tasty menu!

Meals are served “family-style” and we always motivate our campers to try everything we serve, from vegetables and fruits, to fish and soups. Our menu is very diverse and we strive to include dishes with influences from many places in Latin America and the world.

At Camp La Llanada we do not serve sodas with our meals, only natural juices, milk and water. We also control the consumption of sweets and candy by providing homemade desserts, so we urge parents not to send chocolates and/or candy to their children during the session. We have an industrial kitchen in which we prepare thousands of meals per season.

Our kitchen staff is qualified and has years of experience in food service management for large groups and they are trained to comply with health regulations of the health department. All of our recipes are homemade and prepared for every meal. In addition, we have experience in the development of special menus like gluten or lactose free, vegetarian, among others.