CIT Program

Camp La Llanada offers a Counselors-In-Training program for campers 15 and 16 years old. The program’s main objective is training its participants as future positive leaders, either as future camp counselors or in their personal, academic or professional lives.

This programs promotes and develops qualities such as leadership, teamwork, independence and growth, having the Llanada philosphy as its base at all times.

How do we carry it out?

Through a particular program within the general session, performing some activities as campers, others as CITs, and others as staff. Thus, we generate in every CIT an evolution from camper to staff during the session.

The CIT counselors establish a close relationship with each member of the program and learn to understand them, identifying who to assign first to the activities that require greater responsibility and who would need more training and support.

CIT Special Campsite

Campers participating in the CIT program are designated a private camp within Camp La Llanada. They sleep in high-quality tents equipped with air conditioning and safari-style cots; separated by gender and accompanied by their counselors in groups of up to ten campers. The CIT campsite has a common recreation area, bathrooms for boys and girls and a hammock rest area.

The CIT campsite experience is very unique and our younger campers look forward to live it. It provides CIT members with extraordinary opportunities for growth and adaptability that positively correlates with their preparation as future members of the Staff Llanada and as leaders in their daily lives.


What do we expect from the CIT group?

• A group of leaders, demonstrating it in their tribes and teams.
• Be role models to campers and provide excellent representation of how to carry out an activity.
• Teamwork and union.

Special Dynamics

• Support to other staff members during cabin organization hour, learning to handle groups of different ages.
• Support in organizing games and activities.
• Participation in at least one staff meeting.
• Participation in Experiential Education activities.
• Debrief sessions of camp activities; questioning results, causes and consequences and frequently establishing a relationship with everyday situations.
• Overnight camping at Lake Kissimmee State Park: Kayaking to the park, hiking and camping.
• Design and execute a particular project that represent their group.
• Occasional use of cell phones: Those who decide to bring cell phones to camp must hand them out to the main office where they will be safely stored. At some points during the session, decided by the CIT counselors, CIT members will be allowed to use their cellphones for a specific period of time.