Our “Sleepaway Camp” program in Lake Wales, FL is designed for campers 7 to 16 year old. With our activities we seek to generate self-confidence, perseverance, coexistence, teamwork, to accept differences and reach personal achievement. We have a culture of acknowledging and reinforcing positive attitudes.

100% in SPANISH

Our program is 100% in SPANISH and is run by an experienced and bilingual staff. All activities, games and songs are conducted in Spanish, which makes the experience at Camp La Llanada a special opportunity for campers of Hispanic origin who reside in the United States and want topractice Spanish during the summer.

Reconnection with Roots

In addition, our program has the nature of highlighting Hispanic culture and customs through the charisma of our #StaffLlanada, the food we serve and our session’s themes, among many other things. Camp La Llanada is a unique opportunity for coexistence, where our campers experience the importance of multiculturalism and global mentality.

Experts in Camp Games

Our activities are based on fun and adventure, promoting teamwork, personal growth and respect for oneself, for others and for the environment as a basis for a community lifestyle. This is achieved through original and unique camp games, through which our campers are motivated to demonstrate and highlight their own strengths, whether physical or intellectual, working together to achieve the team objectives.

Effort Recognition

At Camp La Llanada we recognize the strengths of each of our campers, place great value on positive attitudes and reinforce them through individual recognition. We recognize the existing strengths and also value the personal improvement of our campers in different areas of the camp experience; from interpersonal relationships and friendship, to trying new things and overcoming fears.