“Eficiencia con Guaguancó”

What characterizes #StaffLlanada counselors?

+ They are deeply committed to the philosophy of Camp La Llanada.
+ They are bilingual: Spanish and English.
+ Everyone has gone through a rigorous selection and training process.
+ Counselor Assistants or “wkatchos”, who are not directly responsible for campers, are 16 or 17 years old. Counselors, primary responsible for the campers, are over 18 years old. The age of camp coordinators varies since the position is obtained depending on the performance as a counselor.

Each counselor has a different personality, which always brings something special to each session. Different counselors specialize in different disciplines, from sports or art. Some are extroverted and give a comedic touch to the session, others are more creative, some are quiet but very organized. Campers will always remember their counselors as they become role models and big brothers and sisters during the session.


COORDIS (Coordinators)

+ They are the head of the #StaffLlanada.
+ They are in charge of executing the program successfully, supervising the staff and leading the campers.
+ They are trained as counselors in the staff and upon reaching a certain level of experience and maturity they get promoted to this position.
+ They are positive leaders, organized, charismatic and responsible.


Guías Baquianos (Experienced Counselors)


+ It is a distinction given to those counselors who are exceptional role models.
+ Positive leaders.
+ Have years of camp experience
+ Able to teach and be multipliers of their knowledge.
+ They fulfill additional responsibilities.
+ They are the ͞coordis͟ right hand.

Guías (Counselors)

+ They are over 18 years old.
+ They are in charge of supervising a cabin of 8 to 10 campers.
+ Supervise and instruct camp activities.
+ Plan and execute camp games.

Wkatchos (Counselor Assistants)


+ They are between 16 and 17 years old.
+ They provide support in the cabins and activities.
+ Most have completed our Counselors in Training (CIT) program.


For more details of what it means to be part of our #StaffLlanada you can check the following document: