Recruitment and Training

Recruitment and Training

Basic Requirements

In addition to meeting the #StaffLlanada Characteristics, you must comply with the basic requirements below:

+ Applicants to the counselor position must be over 18 years of age by June 13 of this year.
+ Applicants to the counselor assistant position must be over 16 years of age by June 13 of this year and must have participated in our CIT program.
+ If you will become 17 years old by June 13 and you did not participate in our CIT program, send us an email to telling us a little about yourself and why you want to be part of our staff.
+ You must be able to work in the United States.
+ You must pass a Background Check when assigned to a session.


A. Recreuitment

1. Fill out the application form once it is available on our website.
2. Wait for information from Camp La Llanada for the first recruitment event (Field Day).
3. Attend Field Day.
4. Carry out the interview (In case you are assigned one).
5. Attend weekend recruitment event.
6. Send in your availability for the summer.

B. Training

+ Attend mandatory training workshops.
+ Participate in the planning of the session to which you have been assigned.



+ Our means of communication with you is via e-mail, you must make sure to provide your updated email address and pay attention to our emails.
+ Every time you are invited to Recruitment and Training events, mark those dates in your calendar.
+ Greater participation = Greater preparation = Better chances of being assigned to a session.
+ Throughout the process, BE YOURSELF! We love having different and genuine personalities in our staff. Bring out the best of you, that which makes you special!