Our purpose is to create experiences that stay #ForEver with our campers. For that, we create opportunities that allow them to grow in a safe and super fun environment, where positive human interactions and the design of our program enhance the best characteristics of their personality, distinguishing themselves as Llanada Campers. Each of our experiences has been intentionally designed to accompany their development in each stage, to this we have called the Camper’s Journey™.

In each stage of the Camper’s Journey™, our campers will be able to live a custom-designed experience according to their special characteristics, ages and different personalities, reaching their most important #milestones.

Camp La Llanada is a feeling, a way of being and that is why we would like to invite you to be part of our #LlanadaFamily in any of our 2022 Experiences.


It’s an experience designed for campers from 7 to 16 years old and it is a very special stage in the Camper’s Journey™, because many of the learnings of all the other Llanada Experiences are put into practice here. Through our activities and #LlanadaGames, we intentionally seek to generate self-confidence, perseverance, coexistence, teamwork, in order to accept their differences and achieve personal improvement. We have a culture of recognizing and reinforcing positive attitudes through healthy competition between our classic Llaneros and Patriotas teams.


Registration for our Sleepaway Camp 2022 sessions is now open.

You can enjoy our Early Bird special and/or Full Price depending on the date of your registration. Historically, our waiting lists for Sleepaway Camp begin very soon. If living the Camp La Llanada experience is part of your plans this summer, please complete your registration as soon as possible… Believe us, we would like for everyone to enjoy our experiences, but unfortunately there are limited spots and they are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.



What activities do the campers do at Sleepaway Camp?

We have many activities for different kinds of tastes, we are neither very sporty nor very intellectual. You can play soccer, tubing, bow and arrow, and you can also paint, dance, or take pictures. The important thing is that each activity is designed to highlight the strengths of each camper, take you out of your comfort zone in a safe environment and create connections that will stay with you forever.


How the competition Llaneros vs. Patriotas work?

Healthy competition is one of the most important pillars of our Sleepaway Camp and of all of our Llanada Experiences. Through it we learn to adapt, to communicate, to respect each other, to manage our emotions and to work better as a team. When you arrive at one of our Sleepaway Camp sessions, you are assigned to one of our teams: Llaneros or Patriotas and through our #LlanadaGames you accumulate points to win the session… that is a feeling that you will never forget.


Is the camp in Spanish?

Our program is 100% in Spanish, although all of our counselors speak English if needed. All the activities, games and songs are carried out in Spanish, which motivates the campers to practice it in a fun way and without pressure. In addition, our program has the nature of highlighting the Latin traditions and culture through the charisma of our #StaffLlanada, the seasonal themes and our food that is super delicious, among many other things.


What is a typical Sleepaway Camp day like?

We get up around 8:00 am, have breakfast, do calisthenics and clean up our cabins. Then, we go to the morning activities, we spend time in the pool and after changing our clothes we have lunch and rest in our cabins. In the afternoon we have another block of activities, then we have a snack and go to the afternoon #LlanadaGame. After that we shower, have dinner and have another #LlanadaGame at night. We go to our cabins for the night around 10:30pm.


What do I have to bring to a Sleepaway Camp session?

Here you will find the list of WHAT TO BRING TO CAMP, however the most important thing is that you do not pack anything of value. At camp we plan to be ourselves, to get dirty, to play in the rain, and for that we need you to wear clothes that you will not miss.


What are the cabins like and how do campers sleep?

Girls and boys sleep separately in cabins, each one of about 10 campers and 1 or 2 counselors, depending on the age of the campers. Campers sleeping in the same cabin will not have more than one year difference in age, to ensure that the experience is appropriate for them. The cabins have air conditioning, private bathroom and bunk beds.


How do I stay in the same cabin as a friend?

At camp you will meet many people and the most beautiful thing is to make new friends and get out of your comfort zone… that prepares us for a broader mentality and more adaptable life. If your friend is the same age or less than a year apart, it is possible that you stay in the same cabin, for this you must put their data in the Camper Form that is filled out a few months before to start the session [don’t worry, we will notify you when it’s time for you to fill it out]. However, we do not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill all requests and trust us, everything will be fine..


How do we get to camp?

We recommend that you take the bus directly to camp, since the experience starts from that moment on… You start to meet people, make friends and even learn the songs. Buses leave the Weston area on the first day of the session, between 8am and 11am [if you do not live in the Miami area, you can also get to camp on your own]. You can sign up for the bus service at the time of registration. We will send all the logistical details for that day before the start of the session.


Is there communication with the outside world during the session?

Communication will be through our Directors, who are responsible for the emotional and physical safety of our campers, through a phone number that will be given to parents via email the first day of the session.

Continuously during the session we send messages through TELEGRAM and we also post many photos daily through the BUNK1 application. Communication with campers is through digital letters, also through the BUNK1 application [don’t worry, we will send all the details before the summer].


What happens if we get homesick [and/or childsick]?

Preparation before summer is key for campers to have the best possible experience. Being able to participate in a full Sleepaway Camp session, especially the first time, is an accomplishment that fills us with pride as campers and makes us feel strong. Dads and moms, reinforce the positive part of the experience and motivate them to achieve that feeling of satisfaction.

Feeling homesick [and/or childsick] during camp is normal and our team is strongly trained and prepared to help our campers and their parents to handle it in a collaborative way and with a lot of communication.

If you have more questions or want to talk to us, here we are!
You can write to us at info@camplallanada.com or Whatsapp: https://wa.me/18634093547
Or call us: (305) 390-0476


Our Counselors in Training program for 15 and 16-year-old campers has the main objective of training them as future integral leaders, either as camp counselors or in an academic, personal and/or professional setting.

This program develops in our older campers qualities such as leadership, teamwork, independence, maturity and encourages the Llanada philosophy at all times. It is the last stage in our Camper’s Journey™ and a very necessary step before becoming part of our staff or facing typical responsibilities during the last years of school.


It has a particular schedule within the general program of the Sleepaway Camp session where we carry out some activities as campers, other special CIT activities and others as potential members of our staff. This way we generate in each CIT an evolution from camper to staff during the session.

Their counselors establish a close relationship with them and learn to understand each camper, identifying who to assign first to the activities that require more responsibility and who needs more training and support.

Campers participating in the CIT program have a private space within Camp La Llanada. They sleep in high-quality, air-conditioned tents with safari-style cots; boys and girls sleep separately accompanied by their counselors in groups of maximum ten campers. The CIT campsite has a common recreation area, bathrooms for boys and girls and a hammock area to rest.

The CIT camp experience is unique and our youngest campers count the years to get to experience it. It helps them grow and develop an extraordinary capacity for adaptability that prepares them as future members of the #StaffLlanada and as leaders in their daily lives.