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What is La Llanada’s social responsibility session?

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY What is La Llanada’s social responsibility session? La Llanada’s social responsibility session is held annually every December, since 1994, in Acarigua, Venezuela. To date, more than 2000 campers have had the pleasure of enjoying this wonderful experience of coexistence and personal growth.

Each session, around 200 campers are selected based on their academic excellence and other areas such as sports, music, and personal effort. In conjunction with the organization Fe y Alegría and other organizations that are dedicated to the development of schools in the most needy areas of Venezuela, we have been able to spread Llanada Values to low income children and youth in order to contribute with the growth and development of this country.

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When is it held and how long does it last?

Traditionally, our social responsibility session takes place in the month of December with a duration of 6 days. Here, the participating campers have the opportunity to live a unique experience that makes them enjoy the Christmas season in a very unique way.

Many experience activities for the first time, such as swimming in a pool, riding a horse or even something as basic as sleeping in a bed of their own.

What do we generate in the kids that participate in our social responsibility session?

Over the years, we have witnessed how the experience that children live during our social responsibility session generates in them positive outcomes that stay with them throughout their lives. Coexisting with other campers and working as a team, achieving personal goals that they had never dreamed of achieving and being in contact with the environment are just some of the experiences that help them develop as integral men and women, committed to a better future.

It is a special session for children, but also for the counselors, coordinators and all of those who participate in it. The time, lessons and love that they give end up being little in front of what they receive. That’s why participating in our social responsibility session is a reward for those who are part of the Llanada family.

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How to donate?

Sponsoring a child for this wonderful session is worth $ 50. However, any donation we receive is excellent to achieve the goal of providing this experience to as many children as possible.

You can make your donation by contacting us to

Thank you very much for collaborating with this great cause and providing Llanada magic to hundreds of children year after year!